iOS 10.1.1 Problems : Fixing Issues Missing Data Health

IOS Update 10.1.1 Fixing Health Issues Missing Data
Apple officially released iOS 10.1.1 for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This update comes exactly a week from 10.1 iOS update that brings Portrait Mode feature specifically for the iPhone 7 Plus and various improvements in the other device. 
Unlike the IOS 10.1 brings many improvements, this update is only focused on the problem of Health data appears to most users.

Slightly different from the previous 10 multiple iOS update, this time Apple is not present in Beta. But directly released iOS 10.1.1. for the general user. Yes, maybe this is done because in Apple Discussions Communities page has a lot of users have complained about Health Data disappear.
iOS 10.1.1 Problems : Fixing Issues Missing Data Health

10.1.1 iOS update size is also relatively small, only about 70MB if you do the update via your iOS device directly, via Settings - General - Software Update. For more updates means you can read on page tutorial update IOS 10 that I have ever shared.

Do you have an update to iOS 10.1.1 iOS device used? Share short review in the comments!


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