How to Remove Write Protection From a USB Drive

As already described in my previous article Restores files affected by the virus in flash, flash / USB flash drive is an external storage that is most widely used today. in addition to being easy to carry anywhere, the flash is also currently has a storage capacity large enough.
but due to certain problems sometimes flash or Pendrive can not copy and paste files and can only read files that are already available on the flash.
Error message that appears is "The disk is write protected". or can be seen in the image below.

with the advent of the message "The disk is write protected", besides we can not copy paste, we also can not format this drive as it would appear the same message.

Possible why the message appears:

Flash exposed to malware and viruses that can change the flash setting to just read only and can not perform any other actions (such as copy and paste or format)
Flash disk have a small button that makes the flash becomes read only
to prevent the virus from the computer owner to make flash / USB becomes read only
How To Remove Write Protection From USB Drive

How To remove the write protection there are two ways:

Format the USB flash or Low-Level

by formatting the flash in Low-Level, then the flash will go back to its original state. but the data on the USB will disappear all.

here's how

First, you need to download special software to format the flash, because we can not use the formatting options provided by windows.

Download Low-Level Formatting Tool

after the flash format with low-level formatting tool.

After that press Win + R and type diskmgmt.msc

and will appear disk management system, just search for flash or USB, and then specify the format once again the capacity of the USB.

2. Change the Registry
If the above is not successful, then there are other ways that can be used is changing Registry. But before changing the registry, make sure you have Backup it first. because if an error occurred while changing registry settings, can lead to crashes on the way following system

First, open the Run dialog, do I just click the Win key + R and type Regedit

then a new window will appear, locate the folder StorageDevicePolicies, by going to the following folder

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies

If the folder above do exist in the registry editor, then just download and install the following file batch. automatically be added to the registry editor

Search again, if you have found click two times on WriteProtect then change to the number 0

if it has been doing way above then you successfully Turn of the write protection on the windows by default.

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